March 10, 2021

2021 Season Preview


Thunder Bay Champions by Year

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Richmond Los Angeles Kentucky Chemung Carefree Lincoln Carefree Lincoln San Antonio San Antonio Colorado San Antonio Colorado Mad City Springfield Stn Mountain Emerald City

      The 2020 Thunder Bay season ended with the Emerald City Bombers standing alone as the TBBL Champion!  The Bombers defeated the Capital City Capitals in 5 games en route to their franchises first TBBL Championship.  The Bombers were 11-2 overall in the post season led by their starting pitching and Jacob deGrom.  Congratulations Mark on a great season!   There is a full report on the 2020 Season later in the article courtesy of Noel from Philadelphia as well.  The American League is now 11-6 in World Series History.  This was the second straight trip to the show for the Capitals.

    To date, we have had 12 franchises win the title with the Giants (formerly Saints) as the only team to win 3 championships.  The Gladiators, Rats and Coyotes (Siouxland Franchise) have all won two titles. 

     As the 2021 season begins, we are welcoming in three new owners in total.  The Jotenheim Giants (Brian Toso), Purcellville Cannons (Patrick Farley) and Louisville Bats (Rocky Hall) are the new teams and owners.  On a sad note, the Bats franchise initially was awarded to Gary Gandara who drafted the club during the dispersal draft but sadly passed away in December of 2020.  I had a few conversations with Gary during the dispersal draft and he was excited to be a part of the league and its unfortunate we won't have the chance to get to know him. 

     The Michigan Whitecaps won the lottery for the 1st overall pick in the 2021 draft and selected SP Dane Dunning.  Louisville then selected Nick Senzel while Jersey picked Framber Valdez 3rd overall.   The first round was very unique in TBBL history as not one off disk player was selected.  Many insiders feel this was the fact because no off disk players were left as the vultures in the TBBL pick them young!  Zach Veen wound up being the first off disk guy picked 27th overall.

     Fantasy Rundown produces a compiled list of prospects from well respected baseball entities including Major League Baseball, Fangraphs, Prospect 361 and others.  We went ahead and averaged out the rankings for those organizations and are producing the Overall Top 100 Prospect List.  The Louisville Bats come in atop the list with 14 players in total on their roster.  Their highest ranked player is Bobby Witt Jr. who comes in 10th overall.  Wander Franco of the Nuts was the #1 overall prospect on the list followed by Kelenic and Rodriguez from the Seattle MLB organization.  Every TBBL team has at least one player in the list this year.

         Each preview we take a look at an All Time great and this year's unidentified player holds the career stat line below:

Totals 199 119 3.12 437 437 3,057 2,60 1,170 1,060 837 3,032 332 11,641 176 2 LCS

    This seven time All Star is Justin Verlander!  Verlander leads the TBBL with his 3k strikeouts and is one win away from 200 for his career.  With his injury in MLB last year there are some questions as to whether he will get to the 200 win plateau for his career.  Fortunately for Justin, he married a supermodel and if he doesn't ever throw another pitch in the TBBL he has this to look forward to for the rest of his life: 


Year Trades Transactions
2004 15 76
2005 18 67
2006 43 66
2007 53 62
2008 48 54
2009 40 44
2010 55 57
2011 53 72
2012 46 89
2013 25 83
2014 57 87
2015 41 90
2016 41 94
2017 32 97
2018 47 94
2019 35 86
2020 33 74


          The current open stadiums for the 2021 season are Safeco Field, Citizens Bank Ballpark, Miller Park, Tropicana Field, Oakland County Col. And AT&T Park.  If any teams are looking to change parks please let me know as the deadline is a few days away.  

     The TBBL transaction frenzy has tapered off in recent years.  We had an all time high of 97 moves in 2017 but that number decreased by about 25 percent down to 74 last season.  We had just 33 trades in 2020 as well, the lowest number since 2017.  The table to the left shows Trades and Transactions by Year since the inception of the league.  The 2021 season, which is still in off season mode has seen 16 trades to date. 

     Each year I like to review a trade or two that should make some impact on the current season.  The latest deal of the offseason might be the biggest one of the season.  San Carlos, who is a playoff contender dealt away Yu Darvish to division rival Springfield for top prospect Marco Luciano and some throw away innings in Michael Wacha.  Darvish instantly vaults to the top of Springfield's depth chart while they wait for injury returns of several top pitchers:  Chris Sale, Noah Syndergaard and Jameson Taillon.  The question is whether the addition of Darvish is enough for the Isotopes to make it deep into the post season.

     For the Aces, Luciano is a nice addition.  The Bay Area home team has probably followed Marco for the past few years and was drooling over the chance to grab him.  The rest of the roster is built to win now so insiders were scratching their heads wondering why a deal of Darvish would be made now.  Perhaps the Aces were concerned with the near $200 million dollars in salary they are spending this year.  Either way, time will tell if this was a deal that helped both teams.  


The Shredder

     For this year's preview, we once again are utilizing rankings from MLB Network’s “Shredder” which takes into account a multitude of statistical factors with no human bias. The episodes are called MLB Networks Top 10 Right Now and have aired since mid January on the Network.  The table below displays each positions Top 10 list and the TBBL team the player is currently on:  

Rank First Basemen Team Rank Second Basemen Team Rank Third Basemen Team Rank Short Stops Team
1 Freddie Freeman ISO 1 DJ Lemahieu BOM 1 Anthony Rendon CCC 1 Trevor Story BOM
2 Paul Goldschmidt BOM 2 Jeff McNeil PAN 2 Alex Bregman PLU 2 Fernando Tatis Jr HOU
3 Luke Voit LAH 3 Ketel Marte PLU 3 Nolan Arenado GOT 3 Xander Bogaerts SCA
4 Jose Abreu SMC 4 Brandon Lowe SEA 4 Jose Ramirez LAH 4 Francisco Lindor CCC
5 Max Muncy SCA 5 Cavan Biggio SMC 5 Manny Machado HOU 5 Trea Turner BOM
6 Anthony Rizzo CCC 6 Jake Cronenworth JOT 6 Justin Turner COL 6 Corey Seager ISO
7 Pete Alonso JER 7 Donovan Solano PHS 7 Matt Chapman BEA 7 Carlos Correa ISO
8 Matt Olson LTR 8 Chris Taylor LAH 8 Josh Donaldson ISO 8 Bo Bichette LVB
9 Rhys Hoskins WHC 9 Jose Altuve CCC 9 Gio Urshela NHH 9 Javier Baez COL
10 Carlos Santana SCA 10 Ozzie Albies CYC 10 Euginio Suarez LVB 10 Tim Anderson JOT
Rank Catchers Team Rank Left Fielders Team Rank Center Fielders Team Rank Right Fielders Team
1 J.T. Realmuto CCC 1 Christian Yelich SCA 1 Mike Trout  BEA 1 Mookie Betts ISO
2 Yasmani Grandal WHC 2 Michael Brantley BOM 2 Cody Bellinger SCA 2 Juan Soto LTR
3 Will Smith BEA 3 Mark Cahna COL 3 George Springer HOU 3 Ronald Acuna Jr. JER
4 Wilson Contreras ISO 4 Marcell Ozuna CCC 4 Alex Verdugo JER 4 Aaron Judge BEA
5 Sean Murphy JOT 5 Jesse Winkler BOM 5 Brandon Nimmo LAH 5 Bryce Harper BEA
6 Austin Nola GOT 6 Dom Smith GOT 6 Kyle Lewis NHH 6 Mike Yaztremski ATK
7 Salvador Perez JER 7 Eloy Jiminez LVB 7 Ramon Laureano GOT 7 Michael Conforto NHH
8 Travis D'Arnaud SMC 8 Alex Dickerson BOM 8 Trent Grisham GOT 8 Joey Gallo NUT
9 Mitch Garver PUR 9 Clint Frazier JOT 9 Starling Marte BOM 9 Charlie Blackmon SEA
10 James McCann ATK 10 Lourdes Gurriel Jr PUR 10 Byron Buxton HOU 10 Jorge Soler PLU
Rank Starters Team Rank Closers Team Rank Teams   Rank Teams  
1 Jacob deGrom BOM 1 Liam Hendriks LAH 1 Emerald City 10 10 Colorado 4
2 Gerritt Cole SCA 2 Drew Pomeranz BEA 2 Capital City 9 10 Jersey 4
3 Max Scherzer COL 3 Devin Williams ATK 3 Beartooth 6 10 Lincoln 4
4 Trevor Bauer NUT 4 Nick Anderson PHS 3 Gotham 6 14 Lousiville 3
5 Shane Bieber JOT 5 James Karinchak ATK 3 Houston 6 14 Newark 3
6 Hyun Jin Ryu CCC 6 Brad Hand CCC 3 Springfield 6 14 Cracksville 3
7 Clayton Kershaw  GOT 7 Aroldis Chapman LAH 3 Los Angeles 6 14 Stone Mountain 3
8 Dinelson Lamet HOU 8 Aaron Bummer LTR 3 San Carlos 6 18 Protect/Philadelphia/Seattle 2
9 Aaron Nola CCC 9 Tyler Duffey LTR 9 Jotenheim 5 18 Michigan/Purcellville 2
10 Walker Buehler HOU 10 Josh Hader BOM 10 Atlanta 4 20 Siouxland/West Orange 1


2021 MLB Network Top 10 Right Now Team

. . . . .


. .
. .281 46 HR 124 RBI .
. . . . .
z Yelich . Betts a

.206 33 HR 60 RBI


.292 43 HR 105 RBI

. . . . z



. .290 30 HR 75 RBI .364 27 HR 73 RBI .





                               .286 25 HR 83 RBI    ..341 35 HR 144 RBI.

. . . . .
.   Realmuto   .

.266 29 HR 86 RBI

deGrom 11-5, 2.40 ERA


1.84 ERA 38 Sv
2020 MLB Pro-Rated Stats Displayed

      The Bombers have the most players on the list with ten.  They have the best middle infield in the game in Lemahieu and Story and the top starting pitcher in Jacob deGrom.  Capital City comes in next with nine players on the list followed by a handful of teams who have six.  Every team in the TBBL has at least one player listed which is something that hasn't happened in recent memory.  Mike Trout continues to hold the top spot in centerfield despite being dealt last year in our league.  Here is Trout's career stat line:


          Trout was drafted way back in 2010 by the Mad City Paddlers in the 4th round of that draft.  In his nine seasons in the league, he has 303 HR and a .316 batting average.  Trout may have his eyes set on several TBBL records before his career ends.  Mike has finished in the top 3 MVP voting in 7 of his 9 seasons including winning the award in 2019 with a .316-.437-.620 line with 46 HR and 141 runs scored.

     The WAR stat continues to be one of baseballs trendy stat measures and it has helped me shape my predictions the past few seasons.  Unlike WAR, the salaries of players in MLB are bloated and that translates to the TBBL rosters as well.  More and more web sites are popping up analyzing stats and coming up with new measures and another favorite of mine is the Baseball Think Factory, a saber metrically-oriented baseball web site that features the day's prominent news stories.  This site has been around for a while and is a great read as is the Fangraphs site.  For the measures below, I utilize an Access database with stats from and match it up to the TBBL rosters.  This database is used throughout the season on our web site and we will start using charts to better tell the story of the TBBL in 2021  Below is this year's Salary and WAR Ranks courtesy of Fangraphs:

Team Batter WAR Pitcher War Final War War Rank Salary Salary Rank
Capital City Capitals 13.8 13.9 27.7 2 $291,564,000 1
Springfield Isotopes 13.8 6.7 20.5 5 $254,053,000 2
Beartooth Bitteroots 12.7 5.8 18.5 8 $238,969,000 3
Seattle Rainers 6.2 7.1 13.3 18 $213,585,000 4
Gotham CityHawks 13.1 6.4 19.5 6 $210,982,000 5
Colorado Gladiators 4.6 6.5 11.1 22 $204,836,000 6
Emerald City Bombers 14.8 12.3 27.1 4 $202,730,000 7
San Carlos Aces 7.6 5.4 13.0 20 $193,104,000 8
Philadelphia Smackdown 7.5 6.0 13.5 17 $162,642,000 9
Siouxland Cyclists 5.1 6.4 11.5 21 $146,886,000 10
Jotenheim Giants 10.8 3.8 14.6 14 $138,828,000 11
Atlanta Knights 5.8 9.2 15.0 13 $134,015,000 12
Houston Oil Barons 13.3 14.0 27.3 3 $129,143,000 13
Jersey Damage Inc. 9.2 7.3 16.5 9 $124,733,000 14
Purcellville Cannons 9.1 4.8 13.9 16 $113,289,000 15
Cracksville Plumbers 5.0 10.9 15.9 11 $111,769,000 16
Los Angeles Halos 19.2 11.6 30.8 1 $106,540,000 17
Stone Mountain Confederates 7.4 7.9 15.3 12 $102,251,000 18
Lincoln Tunnel Rats 9.7 9.5 19.2 7 $100,643,000 19
Protect Your Nuts 7.0 7.4 14.4 15 $91,960,000 20
Louisville Bats 2.9 -0.3 2.6 24 $73,959,000 21
Newark Hen House 10.2 6.2 16.4 10 $64,086,000 22
West Orange Panthers 3.6 3.6 7.2 23 $63,014,000 23
Michigan Whitecaps 5.2 8.0 13.2 19 $62,711,000 24

     The question I ask every year is how high are these salaries going to go?  Each year we have seen a new all time high in team salary and this year is no different.  The Capital City Capitals team salary is $291.564 million dollars.  Let that sink in some.  The most expensive player on the Caps is Jose Altuve who makes $29 million dollars.  Altuve's stat line from MLB in 2020 was highlighted by a .219 batting average and 5 home runs.  Anthony Rendon ($26+m) and JD Martinez ($23+m) are the next highest paid players on the Caps.  These three players make up nearly thirty-three percent of the teams salary!  The next highest teams are the Springfield Isotopes at $254.053 million and the Beartooth Bitteroots at $238.969 million.  One thing this tells me is that the Eaton brothers know how to spend money!  The highest paid position player in the TBBL is Mike Trout of Beartooth at $37.666 while the highest paid pitcher is Gerrit Cole of the Aces at $36 million.  Is Jason Eaton secretly related to Steve Cohen?  Wall Street Bets will have something to say about that soon!

2020 Milestones

     Looking towards the 2021 season, the following milestones are in sight for some players and teams.

Career HR - 550 + Career RBI - 1,750 Career Hits - 2,900 Career Walks - 1,200 Career Run Scored - 1,500
Albert Pujols (535) Albert Pujols  (1,736) Miguel Cabrera (2,802) Joey Votto (1,177) Miguel Cabrera (1,435)
.Miguel Cabrera (518)     . .
Career Wins - 220 Career App - 750 Career Strike Outs - 3,250 Team Wins - 1,750 Team Losses - 1,600
Zack Grienke (207) Francisco Rodriguez (707) Justin Verlander (3,032) Los Angeles (1,654) West Orange (1,522)
Justin Verlander (199) . . Jotenheim (1,632) .


2020 Season Review by Noel Langlois

     The 2020 year was a year we won’t forget. Covid-19 impacted each of us on so many levels in the real world, but thankfully TBBL 2020 offered us a small escape and slice of normalcy in a world turned upside down for all of us. A huge thank you to our outstanding commish Rob and all the owners for keeping the league going, despite so many real-world pressures and stresses, to its normal World Series conclusion and then to the 2021 offseason. It is great to be part of the TBBL league and owner community.

     Now to the action on the field. The National League was paced by the Gotham CityHawks, who had a 104-win campaign to take the NL Central title by 25 games. The NL West had three teams with over 90 wins, with the 93-win Emerald City Bombers holding off a late season rush by the Cracksville Plumbers to win the division by 1 game. Cracksville was in last place at the end of July with a 51-57 record, but then caught fire and had a torrid August (23-5, best month of the year for any team) and followed that up with a 17-8 September to vault into second place and nearly pull out the division. The Beartooth Bitteroots took third place in the NL West and the second wild card spot with a 90-72 record. The Stone Mountain Confederates took the NL East with an 81-81 record. The win-loss records in the NL were generally pretty well evenly spread out across the league, with less teams having a .500 or greater winning percentage than the AL, but 11 teams with winning percentages over .400 (and the only team that wasn’t missed by 1 game).

     DJ LeMahieu of the Bombers led the NL circuit with a .367 batting average, with Ketel Marte of the Plumbers finishing second at .341 but leading in hits with 244 and runs, averaging more than a run per game with 164 on the season. LeMahieu was second in both categories. Gleyber Torres of the Plumbers seemed to knock him in most of the time as he led the NL in RBI with 149 and homers with 57. Mike Trout of the Bitteroots led the league in slugging at an impressive .722 as well as Total Average (1.300) and Runs Created/27 Outs (11.5) while LeMahieu again outpaced Marte in Runs Created with 169.1 to Marte’s 166.3. On the pitching side, Jacob deGrom of the Bombers almost won the pitching Triple Crown with a 2.36 ERA and 18 wins leading the league (in addition to leading in quality starts, batting average against, hits per nine innings, and runners per nine innings), but placed second in strikeouts with 289, 24 behind 313 from Justin Verlander of the Atlanta Knights. Kirby Yates of the Siouxland Cyclists led the league in saves, locking down 46 of his 49 opportunities.

     The American League was a bit top heavy with seven teams that had more than 85 wins, including all four teams in the AL West division (who each actually had more than 95 wins). The season ended in heartbreak for the Colorado Gladiators, who lost a one game playoff to division rival Springfield Isotopes for the final wildcard spot. For consolation, they will go down in history as the best fourth-place team ever. The San Carlos Aces nearly won as many games in August and September as the Plumbers in the NL by going 39-14, but that .736 winning percentage just incrementally added to the .670 winning percentage they had through July and got them to 112 wins and the AL West crown. The Los Angeles Halos also had over 100 wins and finished in second place at 103-59, earning the first wildcard spot. The Philadelphia Smackdown won the AL East with a 99-63 record and the Capital City Capitals took the AL Central at 90-72. The Lincoln Tunnel Rats finished second in the AL East at 85-77, but did not have a shot at a wild card spot given the dominance of the AL West teams.

     San Carlos Aces dominated the league batting leaders and MVP voting, but JD Davis of the Fog City Sea Dogs (now Jotenheim Giants) won the batting crown with a .336 batting average. Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich of the Aces finished 1-2 in many categories, including homers (62 Bellinger and 49 Yelich), RBI (154 Bellinger and 123 Yelich), slugging percentage (.681 Yelich and .665 Bellinger), Runs Created/27 outs (10.5 Yelich and 9.8 Bellinger), and Total Average (1.213 Yelich and 1.142 Bellinger). Not to be left out, Xander Bogaerts of the Aces lead the league in hits with 222 and was second in Runs Created and third in Total Average, and Yelich and Bogaerts finished 2nd and 3rd in runs behind Anthony Rendon of the Capitals and his 141. Not that he needed it, but that offense helped Gerrit Cole of the Aces lead the league with 24 wins, although maybe it was actually his 3.19 ERA (third, but just .04 behind the Halos Eduardo Rodriguez’s league leading 3.15), 340 strikeouts (nearly 100 more than the Halos Luis Castillo’s second place number of 253), and league leading batting average against, hits/nine, and runners/nine. Will Harris of the Aces lead the league in saves with 37, converting 90 percent of his 41 opportunities. No wonder the Aces won 112 games.

     In the playoffs, the wildcard game was a Western extravaganza, with both games featuring teams from the Western divisions and ending in identical 5-3 wins for the home teams. The NL West wild card game had the Bitteroots travel to Cracksville, with the Plumbers unclogging the win with a 3-run 2-out walk-off homer from Yordan Alvarez off of Roberto Osuna. The AL West wild game game had the Isotopes, tired from their play-in win over the Gladiators the day before, travelling to LA to play the Halos. All the scoring took place in the 7th inning, with the ‘Topes striking first with 3 runs and the Halos answering with 5, with the last three also on a 3-run 2-out homer from Whit Merrifield.

     There was less drama in the playoff rounds to follow, with no LDS or LCS series going the full 5 or 7 games. In the NLDS, the City Hawks knocked out the Bitteroots 3-1, and the Bombers swept the Confederates. In the ALDS, the Aces swept the Halos, and the Capitals beat the Smackdown 3-1. In the next series, there were two stunning results with both #1 seeds being knocked out in 5 games, with the Bombers eliminating the City Hawks in the NLCS and the Capitals taking out the Aces in the ALCS.

     The Capitals couldn’t continue their playoff magic and repeat as champions as the Bombers COULD and DID continue their dominant run through the playoffs. The Bombers won the World Series in 5 games after winning the first three by a combined score of 27-7 and then outlasting the Capitals in 13 innings in game 5 with unlikely hero Jesse Winker leading off the 13th with a solo shot. Congratulations to the Emerald City Bombers – the 2020 TBBL Champions!


The 2021 Simulation Results

     My predictions have never been right so why not continue that trend in 2021.  The Louisville Bats will be the TBBL Champions ... in 2024! Below are the final simulation standings which have the Emerald City Bombers winning a league record 121 games!  On the flip side, the Bats won just 29 games which is also a league record! 

     The National League had just one team win 100 games as the Emerald City Bombers would run away with the West.  Gotham won the central while Stone Mountain took home the crown in the East.  None of the wildcards would advance past the first round of the playoffs so that set the stage for a Bombers-Nuts and CityHawks-Confedrates LDS.  Gotham and Emerald City advanced and Emerald City swept the NLCS to make it back to the World Series.  Jacob deGrom would be suspended though and miss the last two rounds of the post season.  Rumor was Mickey Callaway was texting deGroms wife and an "incident" occurred in the former managers hotel room that led to a suspension for deGrom.  His wife would also become pregnant in the dust up.                  

2021 Simulations Standings
AL East Record Pct NL East Record Pct
x-Damage 93-69 .574 x-Confederates 88-74 .543
y-Smackdown 92-70 .568 y-Hen House 85-77 .525
Rats 81-81 .500 y-Knights 83-79 .512
Bats 29-133 .179 Panthers 52-110 .321
AL Central Record Pct NL Central Record Pct
x-Oil Barons 110-52 .704 x-CityHawks 98-64 .605
y-Capitals 89-73 .451 z - Nuts 81-81 .500
Whitecaps 75-87 .463 Cyclists 67-95 .414
Giants 74-88 .457 Cannons 67-95 .414
AL West Record Pct NL West Record Pct
x-Halos 109-53 .673 x-Bombers 121-41 .747
y-Isotopes 96-66 .593 z - Bitteroots 81-81 .500
Aces 69-93 .426 Rainers 76-86 .469
Gladiators 61-101 .377 Plumbers 67-95 .414
x - Indicates Division Winner  y - indicates Wild Card Team z - indicates tie for last wildcard spot

      The American League had its fair share of drama as well.  In the last series of the regular season, Colorado pitchers  plunked every single batter for the Halos including their mascot which resulted in three bench clearing brawls.  Fans were throwing bottles and cheesecakes at the players reminiscent of the Braves-Padres brawl back in 1984.  14 players and 6 coaches were suspended for the rest of the season and the Halos lost to the Damage in the LDS because no one was eligible to start a post season game.  The Capitals would also advance in the LDS by knocking off the Oil Barons before heading to the swamps of Jersey for the ALCS.  In a classic seven game series, the Capitals would defeat Jersey on a Matt Kemp pinch hit homer late in the ballgame!

     The World Series was a rematch and the Bombers won easily in 5 games.  Parades were scheduled to take place in the Emerald City at the time of this article.  Julia Rose was scheduled to be in attendance along with founding members of Shagmag!  Hope she can keep her shirt on this time.  

     The table to the right shows the final standings of the sim.  There is a link to your team reports in each grid.  Luke Voit of the Halos did his best Roger Maris impression and swatted a league best 61 homers in the sim.  Kole Calhoun of the Nuts and Aaron Judge of the Bitteroots followed close behind with 60 and 56 homers respectively.  Voit also led all of the TBBL with 152 runs batted in while Salvy Perez of Jersey and DJ Lemahieu of the Bombers both knocked in 140 plus.  Ty France of the Rats batted an astounding .366 although he was overused.  David Fletcher of the Nuts was the true batting champion with a .347 average.  Somehow Ronald Acuna of Jersey struck out 281 times which was 36% of his plate appearances.  Rookie Jo Adell of the Plumbers led the league with a 43% strikeout rate!  Ouch!

     Kyle Hendricks of the Bombers won the most games with a 22-4 record while teammate Zack Wheeler finished at 21-4.  Urias and degrom of Emerald City also won 18 games giving these four a combined record of 79-19.  Clayton Kershaw of Gotham and Zack Pleasac of Michigan were also 20 game winners.  Shane Bieber of the Giants tallied 351 strike outs to lead all pitchers in that category.  Cal Quantrill of the Hen House led the league with 42 saves ( he had 1 in real life last year). 

          Here is the direct link for the sim results.  The final simulation DB is located here for anyone who wants to download it. 


         Hope everyone enjoys the read!  A special thanks to Mark Jones (NL Team Capsules) and Noel Langlois (AL Team Capsules and 2020 Season Review) for their contributions to this years preview.

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Jersey Damage Inc.


Louisville Bats Lincoln Tunnel Rats Philadelphia Smackdown Houston Oil Barons Capital City Capitals Michigan Whitecaps Jotenheim Giants Los Angeles Halos San Carlos Aces Springfield Isotopes Colorado Gladiators
Stone Mountain Confederates


West Orange Panthers Atlanta Knights Newark Hen House Siouxland Cyclists Gotham CityHawks Protect Your Nuts Purcellville Cannons Emerald City Bombers Seattle Rainers Cracksville Plumbers Beartooth Bitteroots


Team Jersey Damage Inc

Team Report

Jersey Damage Inc.
Owner Rob Capizzano
2020 Record 62-100 (3rd Place)
On the Farm:

Brennan Davis, Jason Dominguez, Jordan Lawler, Matthew Liberatore, Nick Lodolo, Matt McClain


Power throughout the lineup; defense (especially up the middle and on the left side of the infield)


Starting pitching – the team’s depth was hurt with the opt-out by David Price and injury to Eduardo Rodriguez so could struggle after a quality 1-2 of Framber Valdez and Brady Singer

GM Thoughts: We thought we had a chance this year; but it sadly look like maybe next year again
Key Moves:

Significantly upgraded 3B and added a top bat to the lineup by acquiring Jeimer Candelario


Despite a down year for franchise cornerstone Ronald Acuna, Jersey will compete for a wild card this year, if not the AL East title. Their strong lineup and up-the-middle defense should provide more than enough support for their starting pitching.

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Damage finished 1st in the AL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Salvador Perez (crazy short-season stats will lead to monster year)

Projected Best Pitcher:

Framber Valdez


Team Louisville Bats

Team Report

Louisville Bats
Owner Rocky Hall
2020 Record 54-108 (4th Place)
On the Farm:

Mick Abel, Matt Allen, Seth Beer, DL Hall, Austin Hendrick, Blaze Jordan, Jackson Kowar, Geraldo Perdomo, Zac Veen, Bobby Witt Jr.


Corner outfielders (Eloy Jimenez and Anthony Santander); farm system; general manager


Pitching – not enough arms so will see a lot of free agent pickups

GM Thoughts:

The Louisville BATS are in for a long, long season as they are undertaking a massive rebuilding process that is anticipated to be in process for the next 3-5 years, ouch. The cornerstones for this process will be youth, youth, and more youth. If and that is a big if, they can become more prospects than suspects and added to Eugenio Suarez, Dante Bitchette, and Eloy Jimenez, and get a little luck with the pitchers, they might transform into more than a bottom feeder, in time.

The BATS minor leagues is stacked with youngsters such as Bobby Witt, Jr., Blaze Jordan, Austin Hendrick, Zack Veen, Mick Abel, Matt Allen, DL Hall, and Jackson Kowar. Both bats and arms in these young gems. Put them with Brendon Rogers, Carter Keiboom, Sam Huff, Leody Taveras, and their one “ace” pitcher, (hopefully), Dylan Cease, the base is there.

There will be some hard years ahead and some very good draft picks with much patience needed. In time, 3-5 years, this team will be a contender. Until then, it will be a joke, but at least a young joke with a plan.

Key Moves:

In a flurry of moves, brought in Bobby Witt Jr, Dylan Cease, Isian Diaz, Luis Garcia, Sam Huff, Carter Kieboom, Jordan Luplow, Brendan Rodgers, Trevor Rogers, and Eugenio Suarez to give fans the promise of a bright future


Tearing down an average team to bring in the kids, 2021 will be a rough season with a likely last place finish in the AL East and the AL overall. The Bats won’t be there long though.

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Bats finished 4th in the AL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Eloy Jimenez

Projected Best Pitcher:

Dylan Cease

Team Lincoln Tunnel Rats

Team Report

Lincoln Tunnel Rats
Owner Robert Woertz
2020 Record 85-77 (2nd Place)
On the Farm:

Jose Castillo, Hans Crouse


Juan Soto; solid starting pitching from 1-5; bullpen


Protection in the lineup for Soto; best hitters have limited availability

GM Thoughts:

This year we had very low expectations for the Rats as some key players like Matt Olsen (38hrs but .196 BA), Roberto Perez (.164 BA) and James Paxton (6.71 ERA only 55IP) had down years. Trey Mancini was out for the whole year. We weren’t a great team last year and things look worse. We are helped this year by the multiplier that makes players with low participation more useable (France, Luis Garcia, Edwin Rios, Miguel Rojas and Tellez). Our pitching is somewhat middling with 4 16 game winners (Lopez, Peterson, Dobnak and Fiers). Our one bright light on offense and it is a big bright light is Juan Soto (.351 36hrs) who may have been our best draft pick ever a few years back.

Given the writing on the wall, it seems like we are a middle of the road team, except starting the draft we had one thing covered, enough starts. This is a rarity as it seems that every year we are reaching for starts in the draft, many years deep in the draft. Having this covered, we concentrated on getting as much help in Relief Pitchers as possible. This is the key to how the season will go with us. To the extent that the bullpen can cover up for SP and close games will determine whether we can squeeze into the playoffs this year after missing the last couple. It has been fun getting high draft picks, but I haven’t really done much with those probably as good a reason as any for mediocrity.  Some recent first round picks; Villar is gone, Roberto Perez (mentioned above), Kikuchi (hasn’t really panned out), DeJong (fair at best). Wow looking at that, I have been pretty terrible. I hope that this year’s pick David Peterson breaks the string, although he is looking like he may be pushed out of starting rotation for the Mets.

Given the push for relevance this year, we pretty much ignored the any rookie picks. Best we did was some potential closers (Yimi Garcia, Blake Taylor, Weems) and a hope that Kirby Yates returns to form next year.

ON a side note, we have a real Garcia contingent (3) and have a relatively younger team (26 avg age).

All in all, I think we can make it above .500 with some luck and make a run at playoffs in this strange year. Maybe Soto can carry us all by himself. He is only 22 so I will be able to enjoy him for years to come and enjoy the fact that he was a late round pick when he was just 18. Some other players to hope for during the 2021 MLB who are around the same age, Luis Garcia, Kiebert Ruiz, Sherten Apostel, David Peterson and Pablo Lopez.

Key Moves:

Drafting David Peterson in the first round to be a strong #2 starter


The AL East will come down to the Rats and Damage, and the Rats pitching depth may be the difference maker. If not, a wild card spot is in sight.

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Rats finished 3rd in the AL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Juan Soto (even if limited to 2/3rds of the season)

Projected Best Pitcher:

Pablo Lopez

Team Philadelphia Smackdown

Team Report

Philadelphia Smackdown
Owner Noel Langlois
2020 Record 99-63 (1st Place)
On the Farm:

Jordyn Adams, JB Bukauskas, Michael Vargas


Lucas Giolito is a true ace; bullpen is deep and powerful; positional depth (though no player with superstar stats)


Starting pitching – Strasburg and Stroman injuries really hurt, many early draft picks were used to get to 162 games started; power in the lineup

GM Thoughts: The Smackdown didn't return much starting pitching due to injuries to Strasburg and Stroman and ineffectiveness from a lot of other guys, so there's going to be a lot of new starters this year and probably middling results. There will be a lot of quick hooks to get to the team's strong and deep bullpen. The lineup has a lot of position flexibility and coverage, but not a lot of star power. Things could break the Smackdown's way to outperform in close games because of the bullpen and position depth, but it seems more likely to be a .500 result and not making the playoffs.
Key Moves:

Using early draft picks on starters to have a serviceable staff


Probably a .500 club (and 3rd place in the AL East), which sounds right from a club with average offense, defense, and pitching

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Smackdown finished 2nd in the AL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Rafael Devers

Projected Best Pitcher:

Lucas Giolito

Team Houston Oil Barons

Team Report

Houston Oil Barons
Owner Scott Felt
2020 Record 74-88 (2nd Place)
On the Farm:

CJ Abrams, Colton Cowser, Riley Greene, Cristian Hernandez, Asa Lacy, Luis Medina, George Valera


Fernando Tatis (around for the next 14 years) and Manny Machado make for a formidable left-side of the infield; starting staff of Buehler, Lamet, Burnes, Gallen, and Gausman may lack name recognition but won’t for long and is the deepest from 1-to-5


A little more lineup protection around Tatis and Machado would be nice, but that’s nit-picking

GM Thoughts: The owner did not supply any comments.
Key Moves:

Adding lights-out relievers Jesse Hahn and Matt Foster in round of the draft


It will be neck-and-neck between the Oil Barons and Capitals, but the pitching depth gives the Oil Barons an edge in every series and they take the AL Central crown by a few games

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Oil Barons finished 1st in the AL Central in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Manny Machado edges out Fernando Tatis this year, but that’s it

Projected Best Pitcher:

Corbin Burnes

Team Capital City Capitals

Team Report

Capital City Capitals
Owner Jason Eaton
2020 Record 90-72 (1st Place)
On the Farm:

Michael Busch, Adrian DelCastillo, Nick Gonzales, Brandon Marsh, Kristian Robinson, Josiah Gray, Kumar Rocker


Starting pitching – Hyun Jin Ryu, Aaron Nola, and Lance Lynn will match or best anyone’s top three; star-studded infield and overall lineup


Tough to say that any outfield with Marcell Ozuna in it is a weakness, but it seems a bit weak besides him; bullpen needs more depth

GM Thoughts: The owner did not supply any comments.
Key Moves:

Trading for Mike Mayers to steady the bullpen


The lineup and top 3 SPs will make Capital City tough to beat, but the Capitals will finish slightly behind Houston in the AL Central, and then wreak havoc in the playoffs as a wild card

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Capitals finished 2nd the AL Central in the March 10 simulation.  Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Marcell Ozuna

Projected Best Pitcher:

Hyun Jin Ryu

Team Michigan Whitecaps

Team Report

Michigan Whitecaps
Owner Jake Drake
2020 Record 52-110 (4th Place)
On the Farm: None

Deep bullpen; Yasmani Grandal will anchor the staff and lineup and play the most of perhaps any catcher


Another AL Central team with good starting pitching but not enough of it from those guys so will need to piece together starts; lineup will play strong defense but could struggle scoring runs

GM Thoughts: The owner did not supply any comments.
Key Moves:

Adding Dane Dunning to a solid starting pitching staff with the #1 overall pick, then adding a starting center fielder in Cedric Mullins with the top pick in round 2


Could finish at or above .500 and still be in fourth place in this division (and there’s no shame in that)

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Whitecaps finished 3rd in the AL Central in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Colin Moran

Projected Best Pitcher:

Brad Keller

Team Jotenheim Giants

Team Report

San Antonio Saints
Owner Brian Toso
2020 Record 64-98 (3rd Place)
On the Farm:

Vidal Brujan, Wilman Diaz, Shea Langeliers, Pedro Leon, Brendan McKay, Adley Rutschman, Andrew Vaughn


Shane Bieber is ridiculous, and he’s got help in Sandy Alcantara, Lance McCullers, and Jack Flaherty; great defense all around the diamond


While it will hit for average, the lineup lacks power so will often need a string of hits to produce runs; the solid starting pitching is limited in starts

GM Thoughts:
With Buster Posey opting out of the season Sean Murphy steps into the starting role with vet signee Wilson Ramos backing him up.  Waiting in the wings is top prospect Adley Rutschman and defensive wiz Shea Langliers.  Overall a deep group with plenty of upside.
Josh Bell will anchor the Giants lineup coming off a breakout year.  He'll be a leader on the field and in the clubhouse.  Another top prospect is waiting in Andrew Vaughn.  Vaughn will be looking at a DH position as he won't be replacing Bell anytime soon.
2B might be the deepest position on the Giants.  Luis Arraez, hitter extraordinaire will be getting most of the ABs this year with Gavin Lux pushing him into a utility role soon.  a 3rd top prospect is ready soon in speedster Vidal Brujan.  Utility options also could play 2B.
Vets Mike Moustakas and Yandy Diaz will be forming a traditional platoon at the hot corner.  Both have capable bats and gloves.
Leadoff hitter Tim Anderson is the SS and with Arraez will give the Giants the top Batting Average duo in the league at the top of the lineup.  International signee Wilman Diaz is a long way away but considered a potential star. 
Utility)  Jake Croenworth looks ready for a starting assignment but the Giants don't have a position for him so he'll play all over the infield this year.
Unheralded David Peralta is the starter in LF.  He's above average with the bat and in the field.
Jonathan Villar is out of place starting in CF.  He'll be pushed by Harrison Bader and who knows who will be the starter by mid season.  Cuban Import Pedro Leon should rise fast and may be ready for next season.
It looks like Clint Frazier has RF locked up.  Randy Arazorena will be in AAA and ready if Frazier falters or get injured.
Gincarlo Stanton (health permitting) will get the majority of time at DH.  Asdrubal Cabrera will fill in at DH/1B/3B as needed.
Jotenheim will be led by Ace Shane Bieber.  Bieber looks like a huge breakout candidate.  Jack Flaherty is the Ace in waiting at #2.  Vet Madison Bumgarner is a very capable #3.  4 & 5 will come from a mix of injury returning Lance McCullers, youngster Sandy Alcantara or vets Sean Newcomb and Jake Odorizzi.
The Giants bullpen is a mess.  No true closer or clearly defined roles for anyone.
Miguel Castro looks like the Closer with oft injured Alex Reyes and rookie Jorge Alcala holding down some late inning roles from the right side. Genesis Cabrera should have the late innings from the left side.  Swing men Toki Troussaint, Adrian Morejon, Derek Holland and Josh James will fill  vital roles of multi-inning long relievers.  Brendan McKay will be out all year with injury again.
Top 9 Prospects:
1.  Adley Rutschman CA  Next year's Starter?  Good chance.
2.  Andrew Vaughn 1B  Probably looking at DH or a trade next year
3.  Randy Arozarena OF  good at everything but no outstanding tools
4.  Vidal Brujan 2B/SS  speed and OBP skills, might be leading off soon
5.  Brendan McKay P/B  two way player that can't beat the injury bug.
6.  Shea Langliers CA defensive wiz, bat will decide whether a starter or backup
7.  Pedro Leon CF toolsey Cuban, but how ready he is unknown
8.  Jesus Sanchez OF  Cuban not living up to the hype but still young enough yet
9.  Wilman Diaz SS  16 year old international top signee
Key Moves:

Drafting Jake Cronenworth in the first round and slotting him into the #3 slot in the lineup


The Giants are not going to be a fun team to play and are going to make every series tough. Unfortunately, they’re in the same division as the Oil Barons and Capitals so it looks like their lot is a third place finish in the AL Central

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Giants finished 4th in the AL Central in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Tim Anderson (honorable mention Randy Azorarena but won’t get enough at-bats)
Projected Best Pitcher:

Shane Bieber

Team Los Angeles Halos

Team Report

Los Angeles Halos
Owner Greg W.
2020 Record 103-59 (2nd Place)
On the Farm:

Maximo Acosta, Francisco Alvarez, Oneil Cruz, Reid Detmers, Tyler Freeman, Bo Naylor, Bryan Rocchio


Lineup will probably lead the league in runs with table-setters Chris Taylor and Whit Merrifield ahead of Trea Turner, Jose Ramirez, and Luke Voit and a deep bench at all positions; top 4 starting pitchers strong as well


Hate to say none, so I guess it’s a “problem” that a dozen or so starts might have to come from a guy that had an ERA over 4 – the horror!

GM Thoughts:

After making the playoffs in every season of their existence starting in 2005, the Halos’ playoff streak came to an abrupt halt after being eliminated by the Jersey Damage Inc. in the 2016 playoffs. They went on to win only 43-83-75 games in 2017 through 2019 as the rebuild seemed to be stuck in the mud. Finally, last season the pitching staff came together; and the Halos won 103 games and went on to win the Wild card series before being dumped from the playoffs by the San Carlo Aces. Despite the earlier exit from the playoffs then what they would have preferred, it was finally a major step forward for the franchise that had averaged 111 wins per season between 2006 and 2013. Therefore, there is a lot of excitement heading into 2021, despite having to replace 87 starts and 50-wins from last year’s starting pitching rotation. The former #1 overall pick and ace of the staff, Luis Castillo will return as well as a healthy Keuchel (limited to 19 starts in 2020). Woodward should take another step forward and provide 35 starts. Dustin May moves from limited bullpen work in 2020 to full-time starter with the rest of the starts being taken care of by more youngsters. The line-up returns everyone except Choo who we unfortunately had to cut and Sanchez who was moved for more experienced catching in Vazquez. Meadows who stepped up to MVP level last season is fighting injuries, so Taylor and Nimmo were brought in to add some pop. Hendriks again will lead an above average bullpen.

Key Moves:

Rounded out an already strong team in a plethora of deals with the Gladiators to add Aroldis Chapman, Mauricio Dubon, Oliver Perez, Chris Taylor, and Christian Vazquez as well as adding Brandon Nimmo from the Louisville Bats

Prediction: Looks like the Halos are back as the team to beat in the AL and should win the AL West and #1 seed
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Halos finished 1st in the AL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Jose Ramirez

Projected Best Pitcher:

Brandon Woodruff

Team San Carlos Aces

Team Report

San Carlos Aces
Owner Jeff Thomas
2020 Record 112-50 (1st Place)
On the Farm:

Hunter Bishop, Jud Fabian, Nolan Gorman, Hunter Greene, Emerson Hancock, Josh Jung, Jack Leiter, Royce Lewis, Marco Luciano, Heliot Ramos


Crazy good farm system; deep and powerful lineup will result in a lot football-like scores


Outside of Gerrit Cole and Spencer Turnbull, starting pitching quality is lacking; the bullpen may not help them out much

GM Thoughts:

Aces are looking like a middle of the pack squad for 2021, several key players had down years, making runs a little more difficult to come by. Pitching, couple of solid guys at top in rotation, then not very good. Bullpen will get a lot of work.

Past few seasons saw Aces with 100+ wins, very unlikely this team reaches that goal. Too many had down years.

Off season trade saw Darvish get shipped to Springfield for Marco Luciano and Wacha.

 Luciano is now crown jewel of a solid farm system. Some bad news for San Carlos losing Royce Lewis to knee surgery. However, Ramos and Jung should be promoted to club in very near future. With others soon to follow in Luciano, Hancock, Greene, Bishop. this past draft brought in Jack Leiter and Jud Fabian, hopefully both advance as advertised.

While 2021 may not be the Aces year, the core is young enough and capable to return in 2022 and beyond.

Key Moves:

Added to a deep farm system by trading Yu Darvish for top prospect Marco Luciano (and Michael Wacha)


Perhaps recognizing the Halos likely dominance and expecting rebound seasons from Bellinger, Yelich, and Shohei Ohtani, the Aces seem to be re-trenching a bit for a bridge year and prepping for 100-win seasons in years to come. A lot of runs in Aces games and a third-place finish seems likely, and unlike last year, the AL West will not produce three playoff teams.

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Aces finished 3rd in the AL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

AJ Pollock

Projected Best Pitcher: Gerrit Cole
Team Springfield Isotopes

Team Report

Springfield Isotopes
Owner John Eaton
2020 Record 97-66 (3rd Place)
On the Farm:

Chris Flexen


Starting pitching, although many can only go 3/4ths of the season; Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, and Corey Seager are the best 3-4-5 in the biz and the team’s lineup could lead the league in runs


Farm club for this win-now team; Betts’s error rate in right-field (251!) might move him to second base

GM Thoughts:
Isotopes are trying to extend their playoff streak to 5 years this season.  Going to be a challenge for sure as we were decimated by injuries to the staff last year losing our Big Three of Sale, Syndergaard and Clevinger who missed all/much of last year.  We are trying to plug the gaping rotation holes with Darvish and Kim at a hefty price of prospects.
The lineup continues to be led by NL MVP Freddie Freeman and MVP runner up Mookie Betts.  A playoff appearance would exceed expectations as the back-to-back AL Pennants are definitely in the rearview mirror!
Key Moves:

Added impressive starting pitching depth by trading for projected best pitcher Yu Darvish and Kwang Hyun Kim


The Isotopes will have something to say about the Halos attempt to win the AL West and could end up with 100 wins, but that is probably still only good for 2nd place in the West

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Isotopes finished 2nd in the AL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Mookie Betts

Projected Best Pitcher:

Yu Darvish

Team Colorado Gladiators

Team Report

Colorado Gladiators
Owner Casey Siller
2020 Record 96-67 (4th Place)
On the Farm:

Kohei Arihara, Bryce Ball, Heston Kjertad, Austin Martin, Max Meyer, Garrett Mitchell, Joe Ryan, Bryson Stott


Farm system, including young carded players; top 2 of Max Scherzer and Zack Greinke


Pitching staff outside of Scherzer and Greinke; possible that no guy hits 25 homers

GM Thoughts:
With stalwarts,  Lorenzo Cain Yasiel Puig Javier Baez Omar Narvaez, and Eduardo Escobar
taking the season off because of virus fear, the proud Colorado club is in a rebuilding year. Looking forward to playing spoiler,  watching a very talented crop of prospects develop, and mainly just looking forward to having a full and fun baseball  season to watch, (knock on wood).
Key Moves:

A bunch of inter-division trades with the Halos to add key building blocks for the future in Arihara, Stott, Michael Chavis, Ryan Mountcastle, and Gary Sanchez


It should be another 4th place finish for the Gladiators in the West, but without 96 wins and last year’s mantle of best 4th-place team ever (or even in 2021)

Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Gladiators finished 4th in the AL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter:

Justin Turner

Projected Best Pitcher:

Max Scherzer

Team Stn Mtn Confederates

Team Report

Stone Mountain Confederates
Owner Joe Anglin
2020 Record 81-81 (1st Place)
On the Farm: Another highly rated farm system according to MLB. Grayson Rodriguez (#27), George Kirby (#92) and Trevor Larnach (#80) are the top guys on the list. Former top prospect Grant Holmes is still waiting his chance to prove himself with a shot in Stone Mountain.
Strengths: The starting staff may be the strength of the Confederates. Young Ian Anderson, Marco Gonzales, Jesus Luzardo and Jose Berrios look to do well in 2021 and beyond. If Nate Pearson (#10) lives up to expectations, this starting five could be close to the best in both leagues.
Weaknesses:   The offense may need the strength of this staff to keep them in games.
GM Thoughts:

The strength of this team should be the starting pitching. Jose Berrios, Marco Gonzales, Ian Anderson, Jesus Luzardo and Taijuan Walker should do enough to keep the Confederates in most games. The bullpen with Tyler Matzek, Aaron Loup and Mark Melancon is serviceable at best. Scoring runs will be a strain as much will be expected of Jose Abreu, Travis d’Arnaud and Brian Anderson. The farm system has a sprinkling of top 100 prospects in Trevor Larnach, Grayson Rodriquez and George Kirby. The Confederates have a chance to finish around .500, but only if the starting pitchers perform close to their MLB numbers.

Key Moves: Grossman was a key pickup in the draft to help add offense to the lineup, no major trades this off-season yet.
Prediction: It's looking like the season could be similar to the last two, which have gotten SMC into the playoffs and winning the World Series in 2019 by just squeaking out .500 records and riding solid aspects of their team (and maybe a bit of luck) to their destiny. Seems like a big move would need to change the outlook for 2021, but, look for a team contending the NL East again.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Confederates finished 1st in the NL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Jose Abreu should anchor this lineup well.
Projected Best Pitcher: This may be a toss-up between Marco Gonzales and Jesus Luzardo. Ian Anderson may have the best stats for the year, but, will only be eligible for half the season.
Team West Orange Panthers

Team Report

West Orange Panthers
Owner Craig Morancie
2020 Record 73-89 (3rd Place)
On the Farm: For West Orange, the Farm is also their strength. Jarred Kelenic (#5), Nolan Jones (#36), Ronny Mauricio (#67) and Brett Baty (#94) are all high in MLB's eyes. Additionally, Joey Bart, Luis Robert, Evan White and Luis Patino are all former top-50 prospects that will contribute some this year. What a future that's in store for the Panthers!!
Strengths: See Farm System. Aaron Civale should be the highlight of the staff this year.
Weaknesses:   Ditto? There's so much talent on this squad, yet, 2021 will likely be a struggle of a year for the club awaiting the talent to blossom more.
GM Thoughts:
The goal in West Orange this season is simple: Don't overuse anyone.

It is going to be a difficult season in Essex County as we wait for the young players to hit real-life MLB. The goal is to get the timing right. Luis Robert and Evan White are here. Nolan Jones and Jarred Kelenic are on the way. Jeff McNeil and Raimel Tapia appear to be proven commodities. If it all comes together we'll have a team that can hit. The pitching is more dicey but we'll get there.
Key Moves: The Panthers got younger by trading Michael Brantley and Alex Colome for Justin Dunn and Jose Garcia and they also picked up a solid bullpen piece in Codi Heuer with their first draft pick.
Prediction: They may get one more chance at a high end draft pick in 2022 before they're going to have to start getting used to the back half of the rounds. Could they crack 70 wins, maybe??
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Panthers finished 4th in the NL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Jeff McNeil will likely be the offensive MVP, not sure how much he'll get pitched to with Mitch Moreland being his likely protection.
Projected Best Pitcher: Civale should lead the team in wins, but, that might only be with 7-8 of them. Codi Heuer will also be a bright spot in the pen.
Team Atlanta Knights

Team Report

Atlanta Knights
Owner Gabe Anglin
2020 Record 74-88 (2nd Place)
On the Farm: The Knights have plenty of MLB rated top rated prospects on the Farm, highlighted by pitchers Michael Kopech (#39) and Forest Whitley (#41). Additionally, Taylor Trammell (#100), Simeon Woods Richardson (#87), Xavier Edwards (#85) and touted Korean transplant Ha-Seong Kim look to add talent to the major-league club soon.
Strengths:  The biggest strength of the Knights may be their pitching, more specifically, their bullpen. Karinchak and Devin Williams will be able to close out most leads pretty confidently. Max Fried looks to lead the rotation that should be very strong next year assuming Verlander and Soroka return to form after injuries ruined their 2021 contributions.
Weaknesses:   The offense looks like it may struggle a bit with no big power threat and seemingly several platoon scenarios to juggle.
GM Thoughts:

The Knights will be calling on their bullpen often, and hopefully it can keep the team competitive. The thought that the bullpen will be the Knights bread and butter leaves the prospect of a playoff run in great doubt. When Mike Yastrzemski and Maikel Franco are the most threatening bats it makes one wonder if this team can avoid a triple digit loss tally. In order to score runs consistently, the Knights will need to capitalize often on their opponents’ errors and lead the league in men scoring from 3rd due to passed balls and wild pitches. Max Fried and Ryan Yarbrough will be counted on to keep the team close and hand the game off to the bullpen late. The Knights are hoping that Taylor Trammell, Ha-Seong Kim, Michael Kopech and Forrest Whitley will establish themselves as solid big leaguers this year. The team will most likely struggle to win 70 games as scoring runs is going to be challenge. 

Key Moves: The additions of Devin Williams and Ha-Seong Kim in the first two rounds of the draft seem to be the big measurements of this off-season for the Knights.
Prediction: As stated, the pitching staff may get the Knights around, or, slightly above .500 for the year, barring major moves. In a weaker division, maybe a division crown or wild-card berth is in the future for the 2021 season.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Knights finished 3rd in the NL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Hands down, Mike Yastremski with Brian McCann providing part-time value from the catcher position.
Projected Best Pitcher: Max Fried could be in the hunt for Cy Young contention, but, the back-end of Karinchak and Williams may be the true headlines piling up K's at the end of games.
Team Newark Hen House

Team Report

Newark Hen House

Owner Scott Silberfein
2020 Record 72-90 (4th Place)
On the Farm: Matt Manning (#25), Robert Hassell (#62) and Brice Turang (#96) are the top rated prospects according to MLB, with C Patrick Bailey just resting outside that top 100.
Strengths: Young potential. In addtion to the Farm System, Kyle Lewis, Christian Pache, Jazz Chisholm, Austin Hays, Benintendi and Jose Urquidy are already in the big clubhouse. The offense should be able to put some runs on the board with Michael Conforto, Lewis, Urshela and Joey Wendle in the heart of the lineup on most days.
Weaknesses:   With Steven Brault being the seeming "ace" of the staff, it may be hard to keep the opponents off the scoreboard.
GM Thoughts: The owner did not supply any comments.
Key Moves: Newark picked up Gio Urshela, Victor Reyes and a 2022 2nd round pick in exhange for Eugenio Suarez and Isan Diaz this off-season.
Prediction: Likely going to be a sub-.500 season for Newark, but, very bright future should be not-too-far away.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Hen House finished 2nd in the NL East in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Could be any of the three of Conforto, Urshela or Lewis. My money would be on Conforto.
Projected Best Pitcher: Brault will shine on this staff.
Team Siouxland Cyclists

Team Report

Siouxland Cyclists
Owner Richard Merrill
2020 Record 79-83 (2nd Place)
On the Farm: Another solid farm system in the NL resides with the Cyclists. Mackenzie Gore (#6) leads a crop that also includes Jordan Groshans (#46) and Shane Baz (#90).

From GM: The Cyclists did not draft any new prospects this year after holding onto 9 aaa players from last year. LHP Mackenzie Gore looks close to making his MLB debut. Domingo German will spend this year in aaa as the Cyclists hope he can return to his 2019 MLB form. We have high hopes for infielder Jordan Groshans, and maybe a star down the road in OF Erick Pena.

Strengths: If left handed starting pitching is a strength, they've got it :)

From GM: The Cyclists’ rotation was devastated from last year, but they actually managed to improve themselves through the draft. They are strong defensively up the middle with Ahmed, Albies, and Bradley. Eddie Rosario and Nick Castellanos provide power, though Castellanos’ average and OBP took a dive this year.

Weaknesses:   The relative mediocrity of the club. So, it's not a big weakness, but, no real strength could be viewed as a weakness.

From GM: Our everyday third baseman is Erik Gonzalez. ‘Nuff said. The Cyclists don’t really have a number one catcher, and the bullpen has a lot of question marks. The staff is heavily left-handed, which could spell trouble against right-handed hitters.

GM Thoughts: The Cyclists seem to find themselves in the same pattern every year. There were lots of hole to fill this year as injuries and suspensions took their toll, particularly with the rotation. Having to address those needs, the team wasn’t really able to build for the future.
Key Moves: A minor recent trade added some catcher PA's, noting key reported as of yet.

From GM:  The rotation needed retooling and the Cyclists gained some decent starts with Alec Mills, J.A. Happ, and Brett Anderson. Jedd Gyorko and Joe Panik will fill utility infielder roles. Siouxland’s DH will be 38-year-old Miguel Cabrera, who still murders lefties. A late trade brought closer Ryan Pressly and catching depth in Tony Wolters.
Prediction: The division hasn’t been great the last couple years, and the Cyclists finished second last year. Their best hope for playoff contention is to win the division, but another second place finish is probably the ceiling for this team.

Prediction: Sub-.500 for sure as it sits currently, I feel like lefties get eaten up a bit in platoons.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Cyclists finished 3rd in the NL Central in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Maybe Eddie Rosario, but, JBJ also has a shot to lead the team offensively when all is said and done.
Projected Best Pitcher: This is a crap-shoot too, maybe John Means or Alec Mills?? I'm not placing a bet on this one.
Team Gotham CityHawks

Team Report

Gotham CityHawks
Owner Chris Longo
2020 Record 104-58 (1st Place)
On the Farm: The CityHawks have a smaller set of prospects on the Farm than some teams, but, it does have three MLB top 100 contestants in Corbin Carroll (#48), Jeter Downs (#49) and Jordan Balazovic (#97). Additionally, two non-carded players in Jordan Hicks and Corbin Martin could provide some rehab resurgence.
Strengths: Gotham has a lot of balance on their roster. Solid rotation in Sonny Gray, Clayton Kershaw and Masahiro Tanaka as 1-3, solid lineup potential with Dom Smith, Trent Grisham, Didi Gregorious, Max Kepler, Renato Nunez and Austin Nola in the bulk of the order, and a formidable bullpen. Assuming Arenado bounces back and this lineup could be really scary the next few years.
Weaknesses:   No large weaknesses, maybe the lack of a more lock-down closer.
GM Thoughts: The owner did not supply any comments.
Key Moves: No major moves, but, picked up Adbert Alzolay in the first round of the 2021 draft.
Prediction: Playoffs baby...for the 4th straight year, and, possibly back-to-back 100-win seasons.
Sim MP Provided: No
Simulated Finish:  The CityHawks finished 1st in the NL Central in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Dominic Smith should lead this solid lineup towards a bunch of runs this year.
Projected Best Pitcher: I'm going to go with Kershaw putting up the best stats for the CityHawks and maybe getting some league Cy Young nods, but Sonny Gray will definitely give him a run for his money. Very strong 1-2 punch.
Team Protect Your Nuts

Team Report

Owner Scott Paris
2020 Record 64-98 (4th Place)

On the Farm: Big names, and a lot of them. Wander Franco (#1), Logan Gilbert (#33), Drew Waters (#35), Tristan Casas (#44), Edward Cabrera (#68) and Miguel Amaya (#89). Yes 6 of the MLB top 100 prospects on the roster for the Nuts. Additionally, add in 2020 first round pick Bobby Miller and AJ Puk to the aaa list and this system is beefy.
Strengths: The farm system is definitely the strongest part of the club, but, they're also solid in other places. Trevor Bauer as the ace, Christian Javier and Antonio Senzatela acting as a solid 2 and 3. Alec Bohm, Kole Calhoun, David Fletcher, Jose Iglesias and Sano in the lineup. Solid bullpen, no true shut-down guys there. Again, really solid.
Weaknesses:   The balance could also be a bit of a weakness, but, likely only showing up in the playoffs. Maybe enough to get there, not enough to go far.
GM Thoughts: The owner did not supply any comments.
Key Moves: No trades reported, but picking up Christian Javier with the 4th pick of the 2021 draft is a key move that will help immediately.
Prediction: Close to .500 team, barring any moves, maybe a wild-card contender. But, simulation could swing them between 85-90 wins easily.
Sim MP Provided: No
Simulated Finish:  The Nuts finished 2nd in the NL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: No big stand-out, so, I'm going to go on a limb that Calhoun will be the offensive MVP of this team.
Projected Best Pitcher: Bauer, hands down.
Team Purcellville Cannons

Team Report

  Purcellville Cannons
Owner Patrick Farley
2020 Record 66-96 (3rd Place)
On the Farm: The Cannons are a little light on the Farm with only Daniel Lynch (#29) cracking MLB's top 100 list. Yusniel Diaz did get himself in past top-100 lists but he's fallen off for 2021.
Strengths: Purceville should put a bunch of runs this year with a very solid lineup with Lourdes Gurriel, Teoscar Hernandez, Brandon Belt and Tommy LaStella leading the way. Brandon Walsh should also put up some crazy, limited use numbers.
Weaknesses:   I'd have to go with starting pitching being an achilles heel for the Cannons. It looks as though Kyle Freeland and Dakota Hudson will be the 1-2, Griffin Canning likely being #3 and a fall-off from there likely needing to rely on Robbie Ray for some starts if another SP isn't added to the team before or during the season.
GM Thoughts:

Let us start out with my offense:  Offensively the Cannons should be able to hold their own, we have a good core of players and some bench players that should contribute throughout the year. We have some power up and down the line-up which should keep our opponents guessing.  We should be able to surprise teams with our speed and smart running.

Cannons defense has some holes but there is hope for some of those players regain their form from past seasons.

Pitching, especially the starters need to step up for the Cannon’s to contend. Our bullpen will be our strength going into the 2021 season. Our manager will have to pay close attention to the bullpen as to not overuse them.

I am looking at a playoff run this year and I am confident we will surprise some teams.

Key Moves: No trades as of yet for Purceville, but Freeland and Walsh being the first two pickups in the draft were solid adds.
Prediction: Probably over .500 because of the lineup, but hard to tell how the starting pitching will fair over 162 games.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Cannons finished 4th the NL Central in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: On a per at-bat basis it should be Brandon Walsh, but over the season it likely will be Teoscar Hernandez leading the lineup in many stats.
Projected Best Pitcher: Dakota Hudson won't have a full-season of use, but, will likely still be the best part of the staff of 2021.
Team Emerald City Bombers

Team Report

Emerald City Bombers
Owner Mark Jones
2020 Record 93-69 (1st Place)
On the Farm: JJ Bleday (#20) and Cade Cavalli (#99) are the only two that crack MLB's top 100 prospects for the Bombers, but, they did grab two other 2020 first round draft picks during the draft and are also patiently awaiting Brent Honeywell to perform like a prospect that sat in the top 100 for 5 straight years but had arm injuries derail his anticipated arrival.
Strengths: deGrom and Kyle Hendricks sit at the top of the rotation, with Zach Wheeler and Julio Urias behind them. So, we're going with starting pitching as the core strength. Should also have a solid lineup to try to get back into the playoffs with DJ LeMahieu, Trevor Story, Paul Goldschmidt, Starling Marte and Michael Brantley providing solid OPS numbers.
Weaknesses:   A lot of balance across pitching and hitting, but the catcher position leaves a lot to be desired.
GM Thoughts: No ifs, ands, or buts, the Bombers are trying to get back to the World Series. The lineup is strong, the starting staff is solid and the bullpen is deep. Hopefully luck will be on their side.
Key Moves: A trade to add Jonathan Schoop and Alex Dickerson to the lineup and JB Wendelken to the pen cost Sam Huff, Dylan Cease and Carter Kieboom. They also shored up the pen and lineup by grabbing Michael Brantley and Alex Colome for Justin Dunn and their 2021 2nd round draft pick. Both moves squarely try to get them back to the playoffs for WS contention.
Prediction: All signs lead to playoffs.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Bombers finished 1st in the NL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: MVP candidate DJ LeMahieu should lead the lineup again in 2021.
Projected Best Pitcher: All New York top players with Jacob deGrom looking to be the best pitcher of the staff.
Team Seattle Rainers

Team Report

Seattle Rainers
Owner Don Antonelli
2020 Record 69-93 (4th Place)
On the Farm: The Rainers may have the most anemic Farm in the National League with no MLB top-100 talent and only one true aaa player in Jonathan India, who was a first round draft pick in 2018.
Strengths: Definitely the starting pitching is a bright spot for Seattle. Blake Snell, Carlos Carrasco, Tyler Mahle and Chris Bassit make up a very solid top 4, and having Rich Hill and Charlie Morton as your part-time #5's puts you in good shape.
Weaknesses:   There's a couple really formidable sticks in the lineup, but the depth doesn't seem to be there.
GM Thoughts: Seattle hopes to improve on their 2020 performance and watch their  over usage problems.  Drafting Fleming,Bard,Stammen, and Baragar will hoping add to their pitching stable.
Key Moves: No trades so far for Seattle.
Prediction: The starting pitching will keep them in games, so, they could be close and even a little above .500 barring any deals they'd make. Maybe a surprise wild-card berth is in the future??
Sim MP Provided: No
Simulated Finish:  The Rainers finished 3rd in the NL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Brandon Lowe should put up some monster numbers for the Rainers and super-utilityman Dylan Moore should be a nice part-time producer.
Projected Best Pitcher: I'm going with Carlos Carrasco putting up the best numbers for this staff, but he'll have tough inner-team competition for the team's Cy Young award.
Team Cracksville Plumbers

Team Report

Cracksville Plumbers
Owner Jerry Anderson
2020 Record 92-70 (2nd Place)
On the Farm: A little light in the MLB top rated, Quinn Priester (#52), but 2020 1st round pick Tyler Soderstrom and Noelvi Marte his other top 100 lists. Kirilloff isn't on the farm anymore, but, he's another highlight worth mentioning.
Strengths: I'm going with starting pitching here, for good reason. Kenta Maeda, Sixto Sanchez, Tristan Mackenzie, Tony Gonsolin, Zach Davies and Tyler Glasnow should provide solid run-prevention.
Weaknesses:   The lineup. It would have been a lot better in 2019, but, maybe they're victims of the shortened season. Moncada, Bregman, Soler, Gleyber Torres and Ketel Marte all had down years and Yordan Alvarez didn't really make it on the field. Should be a strength next year.
GM Thoughts: The owner did not supply any comments.
Key Moves: According to records, Cracksville hasn't made a deal since 2019.
Prediction: Staff should keep them above .500 and get them into the playoffs as a wild-card berth.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Plumbers finished 4th in the NL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Wil Meyers should fill the boxscore pretty consistently this year for the Plumbers.
Projected Best Pitcher: Maeda will lead a strong rotation in statistics.
Team Beartooth Bitteroots

Team Report

Beartooth Bitteroots
Owner Mike Bush
2020 Record 90-72 (3rd Place)
On the Farm: Oh boy, what a Farm system the Bitteroots have!! Spencer Torkelson (#3) and Julio Rodriguez (#5) are dream prospects both on the same team, add 2020 1st round pick and maybe best last name Carmen Mlodzinski and Beartooth should have some great years in front of them.
Strengths: After drooling over Torkelson and Rodriguez I didn't think I'd be able to highlight a better strength, but when your outfield consists of Trout, Harper and Judge, that trio just said "hold our beers". Did I mention Will Smith, Matt Chapman and Keston Huira are also in this lineup? I might need to just bow out of the league in a year or two when these guys are all producing in a lineup together.
Weaknesses:   Definitely going to feel the pain with their pitching. I guess you can't have it all, huh? Although, there's light at the end of this tunnel too. Chris Paddack and Luis Severino should bounce back from disappointing/injury years and Casey Mize is a top rated prospect still to go along with Dylan Bundy seemingly finally reaching his potential.
GM Thoughts:

I have no idea how to value players this season other than looking back to 2019.  The season was such a short spring that there were a lot of aberrations particularly among pitching stats.  Beartooth will likely hit the snot out of the ball but who is going to record outs is very much up in the air.



C:  Very happy with the tandem of Will Smith and Yaddy.  Tyler Stephenson will likely kick Yadier to the side next season but……

1B: Big hole on this team – CJ Cron, Wilmer Flores – not much else, not sure how 2021 will go for these two, but Hiura will enter the mix next year.

2B: Kolten Wong, Robinson Cano (lots of DH time) and Hiura who will back up 3B as well.

3B: Chapman and Hiura – Chapman’s glove and power are always valuable just wish he could get on base more.

SS: Andrus – likely to see a bit of a bounce back this year and Anderson Tejeda will fill in this slot for the year

LF: McCutcheon and Aaron Judge will bring the lumber, Josh Naylor is lurking around

CF: Trout and?????

RF: Bryce Harper and that is all!

DH: Cano, Naylor, Cron, Hiura


SP: Do we have to have someone on the mound to start the game?  Bundy, Porcello, Paddack, Mize, Anibel Sanchez, others?????

RP: Bunch of nothing really

AAA:  I really like this group.  Torkleson will add some power to this already powerful lineup soon, he is the up and coming 1Bman (not sure what to do about Hiura). Julio Rodriguez should be up sometime this year to start hitting the snot out of the ball too.  Potentially a crowded outfield situation.  I like Arias and Pauson at SS but they are aways away.  Severino should be back sometime this season.  I like Ryan Weathers but don’t know how many innings he will get in SD this year.  Jaden Hill is a high reward lottery ticket, it will be fun to watch his spring outings for LSU.  I don’t know what I have in Mlodzinski.  He had a great season on the Cape in 2019 but then Covid hit and who knows.  High risk lottery ticket.


Overall I think this team will struggle due to lack of pitching talent and depth.  It will fun to see how many runs Beartooth can put on the board though.

Key Moves: No trades this year reported, but, maybe we can still talk about receiving Mike Trout in a trade?? Albeit having to give up super prospect Wander Franco.
Prediction: Seems like even with the lineup potential the Bitteroots will be sub-.500 this year.
Sim MP Provided: Yes
Simulated Finish:  The Bitteroots finished 2nd in the NL West in the March 10 simulation.   Click here for team stats. 
Projected Best Hitter: Trout is still the stud of studs, but Harper is close behind.
Projected Best Pitcher: Dylan Bundy will lead a weak staff for the 2021 season.